Changel altar candle's nude ivory tear rivulets congeal into 




Rilke VII Sonnet

Fame shines out from all and the chosen 

awe - sorted from ores from stones silences

hush her heart oh transient winepress

of beings infinite ferment

Never fails her voice of dust

should divine paradigm grab her

all becomes vineyard all goes to grape

ripened her sensory South

nor in the mouldy vault of kings

her flattery suffers to lie torment

or that a shadow falls from the Godly on high

she is one of the remaining messengers

who far from the gates of the dead

holds bowls with honourable fruit


Prescient Dream:

30-31st August 2012

I am looking at an Art Gallery with parquetry floor, only the walls are transparent like an Aquarium. There is a slow dance going on. The dancers are each going at their own pace whirling up golden flakes of dust in the slanting light. Footprints remain in this golden dust. David is floating in the foetal position from one half of the space into the other. He has a beatific smile on his face. I remember thinking to myself that I am grateful to him for showing me this slow, patient dance- seemingly random, but meaningful in its own way. The camera zooms out and I see a 360sweep of the 'Aquarium'. (David was an Aquarius)

Have been working next door to SeaLife Sydney Aquarium for the last 4 years

Squid Squad


Tears tearing down 

Two tear ducks landed on my pond 

Salty commas are my nostrils 

in the rear view mirror 

the shape of Absence

Missing my two tadpoles