My Kidney and other Animals

ink and wash on coloured paper 42 cm squared and framed in black with contrasting mounts

These works on paper were done at the ‘Friend in Hand’ Pub in Glebe where I attend a life drawing club. I used a pad of square textured paper where each page was a different colour. This was to force me out of the B&W comfort zone that I had defaulted to since learning some Zen brush style. I am also hugely into the idea of doubt as a leitmotif for Life and underpinning of practice as seen in the wonderful wavering outline of Cezanne’s peaches and nudes.

My surviving brother has been on home dialysis since last Easter. Luckily a few weeks ago he received a kidney from a deceased donor. My family has been overjoyed at this outcome and very grateful to the donor family.

The kidney series shows my changing moods over the course of a year of medical tests and motivational counselling for kidney donor work-up. Ranging from ambivalence to submission, disappointment and gratitude, the colours and poses are enhanced by contrasting mounts creating a vibrant and hope inspiring display. Included in the background of these works are interconnecting lines inspired by the plastic tubing that carry blood for dialysis. Deliberately ambiguous they connect to organs becoming strange flowers, mating doves, filters, dials, palettes beans and dilemmas emphasising our interconnection in primordial creativity.

AUD $1,400 - $1,800 each